Our systems capture information inmediately, precisely and continually allowing process optimization, and the strengthening of businesses' capabilities to react and accelerate innovation.

Real-time strategic actions, solutions and improvements based on precise information.

Percepthor reduces the risk of failure and supports intelligent decision making by identifiying valuable insights that might otherwise be missed.

Our analytics produce indicators that detect trends and opportunities.

Information capture with infinitely scalable image recognition of objects.

We measure everything that can be seen: from products on a shelf to street lights in a city.

We use technology as an ally to focus resources on the actions that create the most value.

infinite possibilities

  • Trend detection
  • Intelligent predictions
  • Process automation
  • Product and people identification
  • Monitoring of people and consumption patterns
  • Inventory control solutions
  • Chain of custody control
  • Measurement and planning of urban areas

Unleash your business capabilities

In today's information era, companies must differentiate themselves from competitors by providing substantial added value: harnessing the power of technology to enhance planning and execution.

At Percepthor, we convert advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into practical systems that reduce costs, automate processes and facilitate business operations in any environment.

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